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    After the controversial shutdown of ABS CBN’s network, they have managed to air their shows and movies once again on Free TV through the A2Z channel last October 2020. This 2021, two new series were released by ABS CBN, Huwag Kang Mangamba and Init sa Magdamag.

    Huwag Kang Mangamba is a show that tells the story of two girls, Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz, which by playful strings of destiny met each other on a rather coincidental accident. This story revolves around their lives and how “Bro,” their own portrayal of Jesus Christ, is what’s keeping them from giving up. Mira Cruz (Andrea Brillantes) is a blind girl that was left by her mother in a shelter and promised her that she will get her back the next day, but her mother didn’t come back even after 10 years. She then struggled to find her when the shelter was closed due to a lack of funding. She found her way to the town of Hermoso where her mother is said to have gone to when she left 10 years ago.

    On the other hand, Joy Cordero (Francine Diaz) is a typical teenager in a family which consists of her biological father, a stepmother, and stepsister. Her stepmom and stepsister are always mean to her, her sister even framed her up to make her look like she was taking drugs hence the reason why they had to move to the town of Hermoso. The general public really enjoyed this series as it shows the excellent acting skills of the former gold squad, the main cast of Kadenang Ginto. Their roles and personalities on that series were somehow reversed on Huwag Kang Mangamba and people are excited about it. Comments are saying that both actresses are so good at acting that they can fulfill any role thrown at them. The audience also praised the ABS CBN Network for providing yet another outstanding TV Series.

    The other series that aired on April 19, 2021, Init sa Magdamag, has also received a lot of positive feedbacks from its audience. The story of this series involves three major people namely, Rita, Peterson, and Tupe, the three of them started a love triangle. Tupe and Rita met each other first, both aspiring to be a part of the medical field, Rita wanted to be a licensed nurse while Tupe wanted to be a doctor. However, Tupe’s father who’s a politician has brought him and his relationship with Rita to an end due to an incident concerning corrupt politics. Rita, finding herself again after the heartbreak she had gone through, met Peterson. Peterson was head over heels for Rita and ended up marrying her after pursuing her all that time. He was also an upcoming politician, and his bad reputation was blocking his way to becoming successful, but he devoted himself to his wife and insists that his wife is behind his changed behavior. Their happy married life was put to an end when Peterson met an accident.

    Due to the accident, Peterson couldn’t provide a child and they decided to hire a sperm donor thinking that a child will help them recover their relationship. But the hired sperm donor was Tupe and once again, the love between the two, Rita and Tupe has developed once again. The netizens are excited and were always on the edge of their seats knowing how good the actors are. There are rumors about the actor of Tupe, Jerald Anderson, that he will again be in an affair with his leading lady. If you beloved this article and you also would like to receive more info with regards to Sine Silip generously visit our own internet site. But this rumor is just a rumor, and the overall reactions of the audience were overwhelming as they address how good of an actor and actress the casts are. Additionally, the thrilling story and plot twists are what’s making the audience love this series even more.

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